Assistive Technology Services Offered and Fees for School Districts

AT services include on-site consultations, technical assistance, and complete AT assessments.
We also provide professional development and trainings on the use of selected AT software or devices.

On-Site AT Consultations: A consultation is an onsite observation of student(s) and interaction with school personnel regarding the specific assistive technology needs of student (s).  A consult will include a written report of recommendations on the day of observation. Consultations generally take between 3-5 hours depending on the specific needs of the student. An estimate of cost will be determined after the issues are reviewed. Complete the request form below and OATC staff will contact you to discuss details and schedule dates. For more details, see OATC AT Consultations.

Cost: $65 hour + travel

Technical Assistance: Technical assistance includes providing advice, assistance, and training about the installation, operation, and maintenance of equipment/device. It may also include configuring devices and software to student's needs and preferences. Technical Assistance may not be student specific. Technical Assistance could also help educators adopt Universal Design for Learning practices through incorporation of various instructional technologies such as interactive whiteboards (permanent or portable), text-to-speech software, graphic organizers, etc.

Cost: $65 hour + travel

Assistive Technology Assessments: AT assessment is a comprehensive and systematic process to assess a student’s need for assistive technology.  An AT assessment involves the student’s IEP team and requires data collection by school personnel. Typically, an assessment includes several on-site observations and thorough analysis of possible AT solutions, including potential AT devices and/or strategies specific to the student’s needs given the demands of the educational environment(s).  A written report will be submitted after analysis of data. For more details, see OATC AT Assessments.

Cost: $1500-2500 + travel

Professional Development and Trainings: School districts/organizations may contact OATC to provide trainings on specific topics. We can tailor content into 90 minutes, half day (3 hours), and full day (6 hours) trainings.
OATC will also offer and host regularly scheduled trainings.  They will include computer lab trainings or hands-on presentations.

For more information on trainings: